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Best LED lighting supplier for Restaurants in Dubai

author Post By: Diamond Lights 21 Sep, 2021
 Best LED lighting supplier for Restaurants in Dubai

Do you know the food production environments and restaurants can save up to 85% energy and their energy bills in an effortless way? Curious to know how? By simply replacing old-fashioned fluorescent and metal halide lighting with energy-efficient LED Lighting for Restaurants Projects. One of the main issues faced by owners and workers of a food processing factory or a restaurant is the dangerous health problems caused by fluorescent Lighting, which are manufactured from glass and comprise mercury vapour, which can damage health potential contamination.

Well-designed and appropriately executed Lighting is essential in any commercial kitchen. It ensures that the staff will professionally and carefully perform their duties of food preparation, cooking, presentation and cleaning. It is also significant to guarantee that the entire kitchen is free from excessive reflections and glare.

Diamond Lighting is one of the best-LED Light Suppliers in Dubai, and we provide a complete design of LED Lighting for Restaurant Projects from beginning to end. As the providers of the best-LED lighting projects in Dubai, Diamond Lights’ process start by organising a preliminary discussion where the experts of LED Lighting for Restaurant Projects at Diamond Lights conduct a free lighting survey in your restaurant; this process helps you to understand your current lighting set-up and their drawbacks and the benefits of LED Lighting for Restaurant Projects. During this initial stage, Diamond Lighting-one of the renowned LED Light Suppliers in Dubai, provides free suggestions on improving the lighting system; this is done with no compulsion to use our services.

Once you sign up for our services, our Lighting experts will take complete details of your lighting requirements and your objectives to be attained by installing LED Lighting for Restaurant Projects. The team further works on creating a series of top-notch CAD format drawings, using which the team will recommend a new, cutting-edge design. This process will show you how the lighting system will suit and compliment your restaurant and the overall design. As one of the trusted LED Light Suppliers in Dubai, diamond Lights also produces 3D visuals; this will help you see how the finished project will look. This gives the clients an opportunity to provide us feedback, and once the final approval is done, it will be merged into the final design.

Diamond Light’s Energy calculations and management

Saving energy is one of the essential priorities of Diamond Lights while designing restaurant lighting is. During our survey visit to your restaurant, we assess your current lighting system and work out lighting calculations free of charge.  We also offer free energy-saving advice and precise information relating to potential cost, kwh and carbon savings. Being one of the best-LED Light Suppliers in Dubai, Diamond Lights provides additional information on energy payback and finance options, which can radically reduce the cost of your lighting system.

LED Lighting for Restaurant Projects of Diamond Lights comprises a glass-free LED lighting range containing LED Tubes, LED High Bays, LED Battens, 2D LED Bulkheads and more. We have supplied and completed our LED Lighting for Restaurant Project for many food processing companies and restaurants in the UAE. Our LED Lighting for Restaurant Projects is armed with longer lifespans of 50,000 hours, steadfast LED light output with no flickering, proficient in withstanding high and low temperatures and encompassing no glass suitable for all types of environments.

The kitchen areas in restaurants are of exceptionally high temperatures, which can often result in bulbs shattering, leading to injuries in employees.  Cases are high if the bulbs are of inferior quality. Diamond Lights offers shatterproof bulbs that fit your exact needs and fixtures, with many being no more expensive than standard bulbs.

So, contact us today to speak about your lighting needs, and we can arrange a free lighting survey. Our experts will be more than happy to talk to you about our services and how we can help enhance your restaurant's aesthetic appeal.