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Boosting Workplace Productivity: Lighting Solutions for Dubai Offices

author Post By: diamond lights 19 Jun, 2023
Boosting Workplace Productivity: Lighting Solutions for Dubai Offices

Light is a profound factor in the workplace. The quality of light is very important for the smooth functioning of the workers. There are different kinds of lighting options but choosing the right option is significant. The light ensures comfortable vision and is necessary to understand the type of light to be used according to the workspace’s nature.

There are different types and colours of light. The colour of the light that appears from the lamp is described by CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature), which is measured in Kelvins(K). On a scale of 1000K to 10,000K, the higher the scale, the light looks similar to blue daylight or cooler and, the colour temperature doesn’t represent the actual temperature. 

 Significance of LED Lighting

1. Less stress on the eyes

Vision is very much affected by the type, quality and colour of light. In a workspace, the quality of light to be used is crucial as compared to commercial space. Usually, long working hours and the stress of using computers can create severe damage to the eyes when lighting is not proper. Usually in office space, the recommended light is a cool tone.

 2. Mood booster

Light has a direct impact on human moods. The kind of switch in the mood is very clear when there is a change in colour tone. Under a cool tone, human behaviour is more of a working nature and productive, at the same time under a warm tone it is more relaxing and calm. Though there can be change according to individual nature.

3. Economical

LED lights are real game-changers when it comes to electric bills. It consumes less energy and it is also like a one-time investment. The electric consumption rate is much lesser than a conventional bulb.

4. Increases Productivity

LED light has no glare and it can help to improve the productivity of the workers they won’t develop constant headaches and also won’t get much tired. Constantly working in an ill-lit space or inadequate light can lower the productivity of the employee

5. Health factors and safety

Proper lighting is essential to keep employers safe from falls or trips. It is also essential to make sure they can move inside and outside the facility without any safety concerns. In case of a water spill or any other issue, they should be able to identify. Especially if the work site has storage space or deals with chemicals proper illumination is much more important.

Types of LED lighting suitable for the office environment.

1.  LED Downlight ideal for floor and basement in office

2.  LED Panel Lighting for rooms and workspace.

3.  Troffer Lights is a powerful light for larger areas

4.  Linear Lighting light to illuminate offices with double ceilings.

5.  Task lighting for specific work areas is brighter than ambient light and is used for reading.

Benefits of automated lighting controls for flexibility and comfort 

To conserve energy turning off lights is the simplest and most effective way. It can be difficult for employees in commercial settings to remember to turn off unnecessary lighting. Automatic lighting controls are an inexpensive and effective way to reduce lighting costs by turning off unnecessary lights or, in some cases, dimming lights. There are three basic categories of automatic lighting controls: timers, daylight harvesting controls and occupancy/vacancy controls.

Role of DMD lights with Conclusion

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