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How to choose the right commercial LED lighting company in Dubai?

author Post By: Diamond Lights 07 Dec, 2021
How to choose the right commercial LED lighting company in Dubai?

If you are keen on updating, installing, and reinstalling commercial LED lighting at your commercial place, it’s imperative to take into account different kinds of commercial LED lighting before deciding on the Commercial LED lighting company in Dubai where you are planning to do the purchase from. This is mainly because there are a wide range of Commercial LED Light Distributors in Dubai available and there are high chances of getting duped by unauthorised LED dealers.

Diamond Light- one of the most trusted Commercial LED Light Distributors in UAE provides a number of indoor and outdoor applications which promises longer lifespan, and high features of energy-saving capabilities which will in turn reduce the utility bills to a great extent.  Diamond Lights offers task lights- which are utilised to brighten the workspace environment, outdoor commercial lights which are fixed indoors and outdoors, the outdoor lights are used for security reasons, LED wall pack lights, LED warehouse lighting, desk lamps and more.

A commercial building space that has decided to install LED lighting to reap the benefits offered by LEDs will have to consider certain factors before finalising on the Commercial LED Light Distributor in UAE and the types of lights required.

The kind of commercial lighting will depend on the factors namely the activity planning to be carried out on the commercial space, business functions, objectives, and more.

Laying out factors required while choosing the right commercial LED lighting company in Dubai.

 Color Temperature & Rendition

 To improve employee productivity at your commercial work space, you need to opt for a commercial LED lighting that has the right color temperature and rendition. This will vary according to the business requirements, for example a warehouse might need lighting techniques to illuminate the entire workplace safely while a restaurant or a retail store needs soft light to highlight the products and other things.

Color rendition is defined by the International Commission

Illumination’s (CRI). The CRI ranges from 0 to 100 and above 90 is bright as daylight, the ones that are lower than 80 are midrange.

Color Brightness & Dimness

It is vital to opt for LED Lighting bulbs with right lumens, lights which are too bright can cause headaches and eye strain and the ones which are too dim might create a dark and gloomy atmosphere for the eye.

Indirect or direct lighting

The Commercial LED lighting company in Dubai- Diamond Lights offer direct and indirect lighting for commercial ceiling light fixtures.

Direct lighting is utilised in task lighting which emphases light down to the surface underneath the light fixture. This can be used in restaurants and office spaces.

Unlike the direct lighting, Indirect lighting brightens the space by focusing the light ascendent which supports it to bounce off walls and ceilings.

At the bottom line, LED Lighting in commercial space helps you to save a huge amount on your utility bills, it reduces heat emission, and is energy efficient.

If you don’t resort to a trusted Commercial LED Light Distributor in UAE like Diamond Lights, then you will end up purchasing the LED lights with wrong color temperatures, sizes, and design. The lighting experts at Diamond Lights will help you choosing the right kind of LED Lighting suited for your requirements sticking on to your budget.