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Outdoor Lighting: the ultimate guide to illuminating your garden?

author Post By: diamond lights 09 Feb, 2023
Outdoor Lighting: the ultimate guide to illuminating your garden?

Outdoor lighting serves two purposes; security and aesthetics. LED lights augment the look and feel of landscaping, and the exterior appearance of your home, and add ample illumination for deterring intruders. It may become an uphill task for you to select the ideal lights for the garden.

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Features of Outdoor Lighting

We suggest you reach out to trusted LED light suppliers in Dubai, like us, for buying garden lighting. Weatherproof characteristics, longevity, energy efficiency, and performance are of prime importance.

Characteristics garden lighting must have are:

Weatherproof – The outdoor lighting will be subjected to different weather scenarios. The LED lights must be capable of withstanding harsh climates, quickly changing temperatures, heavy rain, and sun. Otherwise, a considerable amount of time will have to be spent on just replacing the defective lights. Confirm the weatherproof characteristics before buying the lights from a reliable LED light supplier in Dubai.

Durability – Buy LEDs with proven life only. Avoid opting for unreliable brands just for the sake of saving some money. They would eventually cost you more than the one you rejected only due to the price. Although LED lights are proven to have longevity, you cannot be sure about the same for every brand.

Design – Opt for outdoor LED lighting that complements the design and style of your garden, as well as, the external appearance of the building. LED lights have a significant role in creating a distinctive appeal during the nighttime.

Illumination – Do not just consider the look. The outdoor lighting must illuminate the premises adequately, to offer security. Maximum illumination at limited energy consumption must be the aim. Check out the collection at the best LED light suppliers in Dubai, like Diamond Lights, and choose the right ones.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

A generic suggestion for outdoor lighting is not possible. The lighting choice would depend exclusively on the garden design and landscaping peculiarities. Getting suggestions from professionals would be helpful in lighting up the outdoor area and garden in the most aesthetic manner.

1. Patio Lighting: The patio will act as the extension of the house during pleasant weather conditions. Hence, ambient lights would be suitable for your patio. Bright lights can be chosen for illuminating the space, along with ambient lighting that creates a positive feel.

2. Entrance Lighting: The entrance to your home must be amply illuminated to create an optimistic appeal. Perhaps, task lighting might be a good choice for the entrance. Nevertheless, the lights may be picked based on the design of the entrance and other specialties.

3.  Wall-mounted Lighting: The wall-mounted lighting adds glow to the home, besides brightening the surroundings. LED lights of different designs and wattages are available from the leading LED light suppliers in UAE. You may review those and finalize the lights based on the outdoor design of the home.

4.  Focal-point Lighting:  Specific features in your garden can be illuminated using focal point lighting. It could be a tree, water fountain, statue, or any other decorative piece in the garden. The color shade and amount of illumination required would be according to the size of the garden, the object to be illuminated, etc.

5.  Walkway Lighting: Lighting the walkways, steps, and driveways would help in avoiding people from tripping. In addition to offering an elegant appearance. Borders, paving, and steps can be installed with LED strips or downlights as per your choice. At the same time, we will not suggest you install too many lights. It would create an artificial feel that may not go well with the garden setting.

You can reach out to us if you still have doubts regarding outdoor lighting. The leading LED light suppliers in Dubai, we are committed to delivering you the best.

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