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What you need to know about LED downlights

author Post By: Diamond Lights 18 Aug, 2022
What you need to know about LED downlights

LED downlights have become an integral part of interior design. LED downlights and spotlights can be the same at times. Ideally, both are different meant for different purposes. LED lighting services in Dubai offer a wide variety of LED downlights. Available in different colors and shapes, you can choose the design and style as per your home interior.

Difference Between a Downlight and a Spotlight

The major difference between LED downlights and spotlights, besides their intended purpose, are:

LED Downlight

LED Spotlight

For general illumination purposes

Pointing at an object which you want to highlight

Generally round-shaped

The LED spotlight is available in different shapes viz. round, square, and rectangle

Not many patterns are available

You can choose from a variety of patterns and designs


Things You Must Know About LED Downlights

A few points may be kept in mind while you install LED downlights. Definitely, the trusted LED lighting services in Dubai will guide you in this regard. Still, it is better to have an insight into the lighting before you reach out to the LED lighting services in UAE.

Space between the LED downlights – A specific spacing is not mandatory between two LED downlights. Nonetheless, it is ideal to put the light one meter away from the wall. The spacing between the lights may be from 1.25 to 1.50 meters. LED lighting services in UAE would suggest you the right gap after inspecting the location where the LED downlights would be installed.

Whether the normal lights can be replaced with LED downlights:  Of course, yes. It is always good to discard the traditional incandescent, halogen, or normal lights. Those consume more energy, cause an increased carbon footprint and increase energy expenses. The highly durable LED downlights from trusted LED lighting services in Dubai are an intelligent option. You can have different patterns of downlights, set warm, cool or bright lighting, and keep the energy expenses under control effectively.

Drivers in LED downlights – Normally LED downlights have drivers integrated internally. The drivers are for converting the electricity. The small rectangular-shaped drivers are connected with the LED downlights. In case the downlight has space constraints due to design peculiarities, the drivers would be installed remotely. These are called remote drivers. LED light services in Dubai can suggest you the right type of lights and drivers depending on the space availability and design features you require.

Durability – LED downlights have prolonged life expectancy. That is why most of the LED light services in the UAE offer guarantees on the lights. The cost-effectiveness and durability of LED lights are what make them the perfect choice.

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